Are Non-Terrestrial Entities interacting with life on this planet?

In "The Collectors", one woman tells of her strange and sometimes harrowing experiences that began in early childhood and has followed her to present day. Are YOU the next one "THEY" will collect?

Brought to you from the life and mind of Corina Saebels, "The Collectors" is a chilling story of alien encounters, abductions and inexplicable experiences.

Take a journey through an emotional roller-coaster as the author re-counts the events of her life in order to provide some insight into the unknown.

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"Corina Saebels had an authentic close encounter experience, documented by the presence of another witness and medical observation of the after effects. This is one of the most credible and detailed stories of alien abduction ever told, and a must read for anybody who cares about this strange and powerful human experience." - Whitley Strieber

"The Collectors is a riveting story of one woman’s struggle to bring forward her personal experiences which are deeply moving and sobering. The Collectors is an in-depth look into one’s personal life and continuing visitations. It covers eyewitness reports as well as photos of physical evidence. This book will change the way you think about the UFO phenomenon forever." - Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

"Reading this fascinating book, 'The Collectors', brought greater awareness and compassion to me. Not only about the subject of UFO's and Abductions, but how it changes someone's life, forever. These on-going encounters were bravely shared and re-called by Corina, in order to assist others through their traumatic and sometimes detrimental experiences as well. This book will grab your complete attention and draw you into a world that you never believed existed. Corina knows only to well that is does and its real! Through this book and her many lectures, Corina extends from her heart, the intention to assist others, because of her first hand knowledge.

A brilliantly written account of Corina's excruciating memories of what took place over many years for her and her loved ones, which continues today. A must read for anyone that is willing to open up to all possibilities!" - NP in Kelowna, BC

The Collectors...
With truth and integrity, Corina Saebels unveils for us these intense and compelling experiences that she and her family had no choice, but to endure.

Readers must remain open minded and non-judgemental in order to feel compassion and empathy for her and her loved ones. It may collide with our own personal belief systems, so one must remain focused on the fact that even though this is far removed from what most of us will experience, it is however, an intimate and heart-wrenching account of one womens pain and agony that she and her loved ones have to suffer through.

This book expands our minds and heart into what we wished was just a fictional story, but instead it is an honest account of terrifying and on-going experiences.

An incredible read ! Thank you Corina, for so bravely sharing your horrific experiences. Blessings......NP in Kelowna, BC

I have known you and respected you for many years. Your courage and fortitude in your day-to-day life,despite the intrusions of The Collectors, have profoundly impressed me. You have remained a deeply spiritual person when many another would have given up. But not you. Why you and your family have been chosen to experience these beings is a deep and dark mystery.

You relate so simply and sincerely the torment you have endured under the influence of The Collectors that there is no doubt that what you say is true. And how dreadful to have one’s children affected as well. Your health has been compromised, seriously compromised and you keep on smiling. What an amazing woman you are!

Your book gave me the chills. That your experiences are intergenerational is so incredible and mind boggling and leads the reader to realize that you and your family have been 'chosen' by these Collectors. And the reason for you and yours to have been chosen will likely always remain a mystery.

I urge people to read your touching and terrifying book if only to discover that there is another reality which begs to be recognized.. Thank you for writing this formidable account of your life with these ‘alien’ beings.Shirley Cowlin

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